Why You Should Stop When Family Life is Improving

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It’s wonderful when you feel your family life is improving. We tend to focus on the negatives during challenging times. It’s easy to concentrate on all the problems and how far you still have to go when you’re trying to make changes to your family life.

But it’s important to stop periodically and celebrate the improvements you can see happening, no matter how small they might be. Think about what is making the difference. Where are you seeing a change and what improvements are you noticing?

7 ways to celebrate when family life is improving

1: Journaling

Keeping a diary is a great way to record all the positive improvements you notice. My Family Coach has a free journal app that’s simple to use and allows you to download your entries to share with teachers, or other professionals.

Writing things down helps you remember and reflect on change, and you can look back to see how far you’ve come.

2: Giving praise

Tell your child about any positive changes they’ve made, or their efforts to change something, even if they’re not quite there yet.

Avoid a general “well done”, or “good job”, and be specific about what they’ve achieved. This helps them understand what you’re praising them for and encourages them to keep doing it.

3: Talk to a trusted friend or family member

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Share the great news with someone you know you can trust. Tell them what’s working and how it’s making you feel. They’ll be delighted too!

4: Treat the family

There’s no need to spend money to celebrate. The important thing is being together and making sure your child knows why you’re feeling so proud of them.

You could have a family picnic, snuggle up with a movie and hot chocolate, or let them choose their favourite dinner choice for the family. 

5: Visual reminders

Keep the emphasis on the positives by using a gratitude jar. Get everyone in the family writing something they’re grateful for and add it to the jar.

6: Mindful moments

Life is busy. Carve out a few quiet minutes to sit back and reflect on how far you’ve come. You might like to meditate, pray, or simply stop and think with no distractions around you. 

7: Write a letter to your child

It’s hard to say how we feel. Why not try writing to your child to tell them how proud you are of the positive changes you’re seeing? Slip it under their pillow as a nice surprise, or read it together with them. 

However you choose to celebrate, remember that progress takes time. There are likely to be times when you feel you’re going backwards rather than forwards. Focusing on the positives helps to keep you motivated and focused on the progress your family is making.

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