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We’ve designed this course to help parents and carers, like you, understand your children’s behaviour. It’s written for families of primary-aged children, although many of the strategies we share will be useful for families with slightly older children, too.

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The goal of this course isn’t to simply “be happy” or have a perfect family – because we know there’s no such thing.

Instead, our goal is to improve your family wellbeing. It gives you a healthy family life where things can go wrong, and you’re affected by stresses and strains, but you have the strategies to overcome them.

There are no quick fixes – you won’t find the magic bullet for “fixing” your child’s behaviour here. Instead, you’re starting a journey to explore your values, understand what your child’s behaviour is telling you, and work together as a family team.

We’ll explain why there’s no such thing as perfect behaviour, and why we don’t really want our children to be “perfect” (although we might feel it sometimes!)

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Parenting is the hardest job in the world and there’s no one way to get it right. This course isn’t designed to teach or lecture you about what you should do. Instead we share practical advise based on our extensive experience working with children and young people.

Let’s get started.

Helly Douglas

By Helly Douglas

Helly combines her love of writing with 16 years’ experience as a classroom teacher to create the parent resources for My Family Coach. When she’s not writing handy hints about behaviour, or reading up on positive behaviour strategies, she’s spending time with her two young children, Charlie and Edith.